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We understand that for some people the process of creating a website is overwhelming especially with all the different things you need to have and the terms you need to understand. So we would like to make it clear with you the services we offer, and what each of them are.

Here at prowebology we want to make it easy and worry-free. There are three things you need to have when you want a website:

(1) Domain name
When you start your business with prowebology, we will ask you for your desired domain name. A domain name is the address of your website (for example: or We recommend choosing a domain name that is unique and easy to remember, and it doesn't have to be your company name.

(2) Web hosting
A web hosting is where all your web pages (HTML, PHP, etc) files will be stored. Prowebology offers free web hosting as an introductory offer but will charge a small fee monthly afterwards. We also offer a generous 100-200 MB of space for your website. Our hosting is very reliable and it has an extensive control panel that will allow you to view your page statistics, manage your e-mails, register with search engines, and many more. If you already have a website and only need hosting, then visit

(3) Web pages
After you have a domain name and web hosting, then we create your webpage. Web pages are the files that you see in your browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape, etc).

So basically, creating a website is like building a house. You need an address (domain name), a piece of land (hosting) and then you need to build the house (webpages).

And when you choose prowebology, all of these things will be included in the packages we offer, so please contact us when you are ready to build your website. 2003 :: Contact us